Horses are not the issue, Mr. Miller

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 06:00 am

Re: “Don’t blame bridge for your woes” by Perry Miller (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 8).

Mr. Perry Miller,

I am very sorry for your losses but your personal fear of horses has absolutely nothing to do with a district requiring a bridge for emergency services.

We have heart attacks, stroke victims, farm-related accidents, motor vehicle accidents with wildlife and many more issues hanging in the balance here besides all the onus going to the horse.

One of your questions was “why weren’t we riding near a more accessible road?” We were near a paved road, one that needs a bridge replaced. That is the issue and the topic. Not guilt and blame.

We are all taxpayers, and whether we have medical insurance or not, every individual still pays in this province, either in premiums or out of pocket.

You are obviously in emotional grief, but whether it was a horse, a stroke, a heart attack, or falling off a ladder, the fact remains – the ambulance was still late because the previous emergency route no longer existed.

Diana Bouck

Mountain View County


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