Lack of winter holding back snow-savvy events

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012 06:00 am | MADISON SAMUEL-BARCLAY

The winter of 2012 has not been kind to snow-savvy sports and activities throughout the region.

Various groups, events and businesses have been playing a waiting game with Old Man Winter, who has been reluctant to cast down a decent amount of snow for them.

The Rosebud Run Sleddog Classic, the sleddog race held in Didsbury every year featuring mushers from around the country and abroad, has been postponed a third time after the Rosebud Run Sleddog Society held a meeting and agreed to push the date back again, this time to March 10 and 11.

The original run was to be held late January, but was later postponed to Feb. 25 and 26 due to an insufficient amount of snow, as at least four inches are needed to properly groom the trails for the mushers, said society president Bill Windsor.

Windsor describes the current warmer, snowless weather as a “late fall” or a “pseudo summer.”

“There’s the possibility for a ‘spring dump’ though,” he added.

Other groups, such as the Olds Snowmobile Club, are seeking other places to enjoy their winter sports in an otherwise winter-less area.

“Winter started out great in December with lots of snow, out west in Sundre,” said Lyle Statham, club president. “But now it’s either hard riding, or you head out to B.C.”

Some members of the club, which uses and maintains snowmobile trails around the Olds area, have taken their trail-riding elsewhere in search of snow.

“The opportunity to ride locally is always great, but typically lots of snowmobilers drive out west if not,” said Statham.

The Sundre Sled Drags, held at Diamond Buffalo Guest Ranch in Sundre, has also had its date pushed back by organizers in anticipation of possible snow to come, moving from Feb. 6 to March 10.

Other businesses, such as the Innisfail Ski Resort, have been closed due to lack of snow until further notice.


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