Body is only source of truth

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 06:00 am

Re: “Massive Tomorrow Project cancer study looks to the future,” Letter to the Editor by Joy Casselman, Feb. 28.

Society has a problem. That is verified by the fact that there are more suicides in Alberta than traffic fatalities. Humanity’s greatest achievement is not in the area of the arts, science or technology, but in recognizing its own dysfunction (Eckhart Tolle). Cancer is not a disease, but rather a wakeup call. The Science of Metaphysics knows this. There is no need to spend more taxpayer dollars to reinvent the wheel. Lifestyle is not the root cause. We are Energy. What the mind thinks, the body follows. Emotions are the driver. There are two basic emotions: FEAR connected with conformity and LOVE a means of transformation. LOVE Heals all! LOVE and FEAR do not co-exist. All emotions can be classified as either Fear or Love. Stress connected to the emotions of guilt, shame, anger and resentment are the most damaging to the body. The body, unique to each individual, is the ONLY source of TRUTH. It does not lie and its answers are immediate. Seek and ye will find, ask and it shall be given. The Source within knows no limitations.

If we were taught in school how to support the body, rather than interfere with it, and taught to be conscious, to feel our emotions, speak out perceived truth, then we could also be able to understand and forgive our perceived beliefs, and drop the ones that no longer serve us. LOVE conquers all!

Eleanor Saunders

Advocate for Wellness

Rural Innisfail


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