Gazette irresponsible to promote twisted beliefs

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 06:00 am

I was just quite curious as to what kind of absolute crap that you’re accepting and printing after reading “Unique to every individual, the body is the only source of truth” (Letter to the Editor by Eleanor Saunders, March 13). Although everyone is entitled to free speech, I feel it absolutely arrogant and ignorant and irresponsible of you to allow Eleanor Saunders to use your paper as a platform for her obviously twisted beliefs.

In the event that I wish to delve into ANY belief system, I will go to the appropriate areas that I feel fit to “educate” me. One way of “knowing” when an idea or belief is bogus is to read or listen to their bastardization of what already works. I can guarantee you that had I used LOVE as a healer in the past three years and not used the “miracles” of modern science, I would be dead – without question.

THEN people like Eleanor would say I was “in a better place” or other such ridiculous justifications.

Hell, she should have mentioned that we eat the Sun instead of food!!!

Print other letters of more concern and relevance to this day and time and let the old hippies rot somewhere like Slocan, B.C., communes, etc.

Grace Adams



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