Campaign stakes high


With the 2017 municipal election campaign now officially underway across the province, candidates will be outlining their positions and views on the myriad of issues and concerns facing their respective constituents.

With candidates in towns, villages and counties across the region vying for four-year council terms, residents across the district are no doubt hoping decent and hard-working people are elected on Oct. 16.

And with local governments having a great deal of direct day-to-day impact on residents and businesses, the councillors elected in a month’s time will certainly have vital roles to play in ensuring the viability and success of their communities.

With the authority to set spending levels for key infrastructure such as roads and water and waste water services, as well as having the ability to levy taxation on homes and businesses, local councils hold a great deal of power over the lives of ordinary citizens.

A council that fails to function in an efficient and timely manner can have far-reaching negative impacts on its community, leading in extreme cases to economic failure, job losses and the exodus of families and businesses.

On the other hand, a successful council can be a great help in making communities grow and prosper.

In Mountain View County councillors will be elected in four towns, one village and one county.

For those local councils to be successful over the next four years they will need to not only work hard to promote and champion the district, but will also need to work well with their provincial and federal counterparts.

Failing to build and maintain vibrant working relationships with MLAs and MPs could, for example, end up compromising key local funding requirements.

With the election now underway, many residents, business owners and other stakeholders will be following the campaign closely.

Hopefully the race will see lively and civil debate of the issues and concerns facing the region.

And to the candidates who have graciously put their names forward – good luck and thanks for running!

– Singleton is the Mountain View Gazette editor


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Dan Singleton

Dan Singleton is the editor of the Mountain View Gazette who joined the newspaper in 1994. He covers news, municipal politics and community events in Mountain View County. He is also a longtime columnist for other publications of Mountain View Publishing.