Commission approves change to dwelling unit


The Mountain View County municipal planning commission (MPC) has approved a proposed change of use from existing agriculture accessory building to dwelling unit/personal shop/garage at a former confined feeding operation in the Lonepine district.

The commission also approved a change of use for two existing agricultural accessory structures to personal shop use at the site.

The moves came during the commission’s recent regularly scheduled meeting.

The property involved is located adjacent to Highway 582 and Rge. Rd. 271 in Division 3 on the county’s east side.

The application involves three buildings on the property that were previously used for agricultural purposes within a previous approved confined feeding operation (CFO), commission members heard.

The CFO (for poultry) has since ceased operations.

“As indicated on the applicant’s application site plan one agricultural accessory structure is proposed for a change of use to a dwelling unit and accessory building for personal garage and storage use,” administration said in a briefing note to the commission.

“The two other accessory buildings on the southern portion of the property are proposed to be changed from agricultural use to personal shop use.”

The approval comes with a number of conditions, including the following:

ï That the applicant contact the environmental health officer with Alberta Health Services to ensure any health standards, codes or approvals are met for the change of use of the existing structures.

ï If the development authorized by the development permit is not completed within 24 months from the effective date of the permit, such permit approval ceases and the permit itself is deemed void, expired and without effect, unless an extension to this period has been previously granted.

ï Condition #14 – The applicant shall obtain a building permit for the change of use for the two existing accessory buildings – poultry barns to accessory buildings for personal shop use.

ï The development agreement registered against the title will be removed once a building permit for the change of use of condition #14 is issued.


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