Council sees new strategic plan


DIDSBURY – At the regular council meeting on Feb. 28, council got to see the town’s 2017-2027 strategic plan. The plan was reviewed and adopted by council at the Dec. 13, 2016 meeting.

Since then, administration has inputted the content of the document into a published format consistent with the format requested by council.

The strategic plan is now prepared for public release and will soon be uploaded to the Town of Didsbury website.

In the opening notes, Mayor Rick Mousseau stated, “One of the driving forces behind the review was that council wanted to ensure it created a ëlegacy document’ for the 2017-2021 council to use as a starting point for their work.

“Council also wanted to ensure the process that was used to develop the plan was an inclusive one involving citizens, community stakeholders and staff from all levels in the organization.”

This plan helps guide the long-term planning, business planning, budgets and other corporate actions so they align with the strategic plan supported by council, he said.

The following strategic priority categories were identified for the plan: organizational excellence; healthy, active living; infrastructure and asset management; economic prosperity and an informed and engaged community.

Council received for information a report regarding wood-burning stoves/backyard fire regulations.

The report came as a result of a resident who spoke as a delegation at the Jan. 24 regular council meeting regarding the impact of an adjacent household’s wood- burning stove.

Administration has since worked with the resident and identified the household and reviewed the permits in place. It was determined that all applicable permits have been obtained by the landowner to use their wood-burning stove.

Council approved first reading for the water bylaw amendment (Bylaw 2017-04). On Jan. 24, 2017 at the regular council meeting, council defeated a motion to amend the water bylaw until further information could be received.

Administration was able to compile further information as per council’s request regarding the number of residents with a water well who also have access to town water.

Some of the major changes of the water bylaw include: No person shall have or operate an alternate source of water if they are adjacent to an existing main line. Alternate systems in place prior to the signing of this bylaw will be given five years to connect to the town water system and then subsequently decommission the alternate source of water; and all properties that are connected to the town water system and have an alternate source of water prior to the bylaw will be given one year to decommission the alternate source of water.

“Council also wanted to ensure the process that was used to develop the plan was an inclusive.”Mayor Rick Mousseau


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