County passes project budget


Mountain View County (MVC) council has passed the 2018 project budget totalling $29,214,120. The move came by way of motion during the Dec. 13 council meeting.

The budget comprises $26,145,920 of capital projects, $2,362,600 of operating projects and $842,000 of liability expenses.

Capital projects approved include the following: asphalt long patching ($400,000), base stabilization ($600,000), east side shop ($950,000), fallen weight testing ($405,000), protection of Sundre Airport ($2,750,000), Westfork Estates subdivision improvements ($420,000), re-chipping program ($1,700,000), re-gravelling program ($2,000,000), Acme Road Phase 1 second lift ($3,025,000), Bergen Road repair ($820,000), East Didsbury subdivision improvements ($920,000), east side gravel supply ($700,000), Rge. Rd. 55 upgrade ($1,520,000), and 2018 fire capital Cremona fire ($430,000).

Operating projects approved include Cremona Agricultural Society arena renovations ($250,000), bridge maintenance program ($117,200), environmental liability management ($200,000), and 2018 fire equipment grants to urban partners ($894,000).

The liability expenses are for reclamation on two gravel pits in the county, one owned by the county (South Dyck pit) and privately owned (Harriman pit) for $800,000, and the McDougal pit end use plan for $42,000.

Of the $29,214,120 in the budget, $15,461,00 will come from reserves, $2,462,200 from general revenue, $11,070,000 from various grants, $212,000 from unfunded liability pit reclamation, and $8,500 cash in lieu.

Council deferred a decision on funding an enhanced policing position pending further deliberations in the new year.

The 2018 tax rates will not be set until the spring once the county knows the amount of school requisition the province is seeking, says Reeve Bruce Beattie.

Also during the Dec. 13 council meeting, councillors passed an interim 2018 operating budget using the same parameters as the 2017 operating budget.

The interim budget will be in effect until the approval of the 2018 budget and may be adjusted by council motion.


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