County still seeing lots of dumping


Mountain View County operational services staff continue to see a lot of dumping of rubbish of all sorts in county ditches across the municipality, the policies and priorities committee heard.

In his monthly report to the commission, director Ron Baker said county staff continues to be burdened with removing the rubbish and taking it to the landfill.

The garbage includes all sorts of things, including appliances.

“We get lots of stuff,” said Baker. “We get white goods like washer and dryers and stoves, beds and couches and chairs. It’s an ongoing problem.

“My guys seem to think it is increasing. They are out there all the time. We’ve got to pick this stuff up if it is on our roads and haul it to the landfill.

“It is something that sure causes us aggravation and cost. We’ve got to pay at the landfill and we’ve got to get our guys and our equipment out there. We’d rather be working on roads but they are picking up garbage.”

One recent dumping example was particularly bad, he said.

“It looked like an entire garage sale,” he said. “It was a couple of truckloads of old magazines and whatever else you might think would be left over from a garage sale.”

Public tips to police and county peace officers about dumping would be helpful, he said.

“It would be great if people reported it if they see anything going on,” he said.

During the committee meeting Duncan Milne, the councillor for Division 3 said, “A number of years ago we had a bunch of stuff dumped out our way. It was from the Goodwill store in Calgary and it was a contractor who was hired to haul it to the Calgary landfill. It was cheaper for him to haul it out here and dump it on us.

“And I suspect that’s what you are seeing. These guys are going to a garage sale and getting $200 to haul it to the dump, but if I dump it in Mountain View County I get the whole $200.”

Baker will be getting in touch with nearby Kneehill County to find out if that municipality, which provides free garbage drop- off for residents, has noticed a decrease in roadside dumping.

“I’m going to see what they have to say about it and report back to council,” said Baker.

“It is something that sure causes us aggravation and cost.”Ron BakerMVC director of operational services


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