Delegation discusses subdivision


CARSTAIRS – At the regular council meeting on Dec. 11, Kris Nelson of Urban Systems appeared as a delegation to talk about the application for subdivision of 108-10th Ave.

“This is on the main street across from the legion,” said CAO Carl McDonnell. “There are two buildings and the new owner wants to subdivide. The legion is concerned about parking for businesses along there so they put a letter of objection in.”

McDonnell said that the legion would discuss the issue further and decide whether to appeal the decision.

“They’ll get back to us about whether to appeal the application or not,” he said. “As it stands the subdivision is approved, but they can appeal it to the municipal planning commission.”

In other council news, council approved the borrowing bylaw revolving line of credit (Bylaw No. 1056), borrowing bylaw (operating, Bylaw No. 1057), and fire officer compensation policy.

“They are the regular borrowing bylaws that we have to do annually,” he said. “The fire officer compensation is an update. We had the chief and deputy chief ones in there before but not the officers. It was a housekeeping duty.”

The town is looking at applying for a partnership grant (Alberta Community Partnership Program) from the province and hiring a facilitator who will work with the fire advisory committees from the neighbouring municipalities.

On Oct. 1, 2012 the Village of Cremona, Mountain View County and the towns of Sundre, Olds, Didsbury and Carstairs entered into a mutual aid agreement for fire services for five years. That agreement expired on Sept. 30. The purpose of the mutual aid agreement is to provide mutual assistance to other member municipalities for control of fire, fire prevention, emergency medical services, hazardous materials control and/or other emergency support in the event of a major fire disaster or other emergency.

“We’ve been talking with the other communities around us in the community,” he said. “Our mutual aid agreement has expired and we’re looking to extend that for one year and keep it in place. The other part is should we bring in a facilitator and look at the fire services around the regionÖWhat can we do to work closer together regionally rather than everybody having two of everything in every hall.”

McDonnell said that the next step is for each council to pass a resolution supporting the application.

“If that happens we’ll put the grant forward and see if we get the funding for the facilitator,” he said.

The funding from the program would be utilized to engage a facilitator for the development of a mutual aid agreement for a fire services and regional fire services partnership agreement.

Council approved the appointments to the inter-municipal cooperation committee: Mayor Lance Colby, Deputy Mayor Rick Blair and Dean Allen.


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