Horse show celebrates 55 years


DIDSBURY – There was a wide range of both horses and riders at the Didsbury Ag Society’s 55th Annual Didsbury Light Horse Show. Riders ranged from aged two right up to in their 70s. There were more than 50 participants competing in a number of categories and different age groups. This year the ag society joined forces with the Appaloosa Horse Association of Alberta for the event.

Kerrie Johnston, ag society office manager and horse show chair, said the show went well overall.

“We’re really happy that this show has been going on for 55 consecutive years,” said Johnston. “Some years we get more competitors than others, but overall we’ve had a good community effort and good support in putting this on.”

Johnston said it was great to have the Appaloosa association on board to co-host the show.

“They did a wonderful job in supporting the efforts of the Didsbury Ag Society for their show,” she said. “They had some great horses and great people make the show a success for another year.”

Johnston said the horse show has had declining numbers and adding the Appaloosa association has really helped bolster the show.

“It’s hard putting a show on at any size, whether it’s big or small,” she said. “We thought if we involved other groups we could combine our efforts and utilize their help and make it a lighter load on all of us. They’ve just been spectacular in getting this show running smoothly and just being supportive of the Didsbury Ag Society in general.”

Sheri Brydges of the Appaloosa association said this was their first time in Didsbury as well as first time working with the local ag society.

“We joined forces with them for a joint show,” she said. “This is the first time we’ve done this. There were Didsbury classes and Appaloosa classes.”

Winners included: Kay Lee Leinweber, Hi Point Senior Rider; Amanda Wigston, Reserve Hi Point Winner; Brooklyn Slobodian, Open Rider Hi Point Champion; Dianne Smith, Reserve Hi Point Open Rider; MacKenzie Allen, Hi Point Walk/Trot Champion; Linda Joob, Reserve Hi Point Champion; and Ava Fried, 13 and under Reserve Hi Point Champion.


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