Lighting it up


Mountain View County council has received an update on administration’s decision to move forward with the replacement of street lights in the municipality with new, more efficient LED lights.

The review came during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

“Currently there are 138 street lights in the county that Fortis would like to convert,” CAO Tony Martens said in a briefing note to council.

“The cost for all the changeover is paid for by a maintenance multiplier of nine per cent for potentially as long as 20 years and as short as seven years. This adds $22.24 to the cost of each light. However, this is offset by the lower cost of transmission and energy because consumption is reduced.

“The cost of transmission will go from $17.59 per light per year to $7.39, and the energy cost from $25.45 per light to $8.05. The net result being a savings of $5.26 per street light or $740 per year for all 138 lights.”

Other benefits of the changeover include “improved safety and night visibility due to general light output, uniformity, and higher colour temperature (more vibrant white light).”

A number of other area municipalities have also recently approved changing to the more efficient lights.

The change supports county efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions, he told council.

The work on the changeover will take place in 2018.

“It saves us money and it is not a cost to us,” he said.

Coun. Duncan Milne said he was in support of the project.

Council received the administration report for information.


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