Who’s your favourite hero?


Everybody likes a hero. Unless you’re a mean person, super villain, Donald Trump type — last mention of Trump, promise. Of course, without a villain, what good would a hero be? In this week’s column I discuss the top TV and movie comic book heroes. Who is the toughest? Who would win in a one-on-one battle? Yes, I ask the important questions. My rule is that they have to have appeared in a movie or TV series in the last 10 years. Please note – Warning, possible spoilers!

My number 1 might be a surprise. I have to go with Legion from the excellent FX series that just finished its first season last year. The tagline is “he may be the most powerful mutant” and that is likely true. Although he is purported to be part of the Marvel and X-Men universe, there is no mention or sign of any other heroes in the first season. That’s fine. Legion has the power to basically freeze people and blow up people with his mind. Yeah, that’s tough. Of course, if you watch the show he has ëliteral’ demons to slay in his mind.

Number 2 you have to give to Superman. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Henry Cavill movie version, you can’t dispute his toughness. Other than kryptonite, or running into another Kryptonian, he’s invincible. And he can fly and has super strength and X-ray vision and so on. Of course he’s currently dead in the movies, which is a drawback, but these are comic book people so I wouldn’t expect that to last.

Clocking in at number 3 is the Hulk. As Tony Stark (Iron Man – ranked 12th) says in the first Avengers movie, “you have an army? We have a Hulk!” The big green guy is just plain stronger than anyone in the Marvel universe.

Number 4 I’d say is Professor X from X-Men. Similar mental powers as Legion (they may be related. I really don’t know), but with that pesky no kill policy. Still, don’t mess with a dude that can control minds.

My number 5 is a tie between Deadpool and Wolverine. Both get extra points for being awesomely cool and darn near indestructible.

Rounding out my top 10 would be the likes of Wonder Woman, Thor, Supergirl, Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Flash/Quick Silver. Dark horse would probably be Dr. Strange. His mystical powers could very well prove quite powerful. Well, whatever way you go there are a lot of great superhero movies and TV shows coming out for geeks like me. It’s truly a golden age for comic book media.


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