Town manager leaves for county


DIDSBURY – The Town of Didsbury’s manager of legislative and development services is moving on but he’s not going too far.

Christofer Atchison will be leaving the town and taking a similar position with Mountain View County.

Didsbury mayor Rhonda Hunter said that losing Atchison will be a tough blow for the town.

“In the short time we’ve known him he’s been very helpful,” said Hunter. “He’s very, very smart and very helpful and knowledgeable with what he does.

“Certainly council is going to miss him and even in our short period – we’ve known him two and a half months – we’ve grown to appreciate his skills and abilities he’s provided for the town. We certainly wish him luck.”

Atchison’s last day with the town will be on Jan. 12.

Didsbury CAO Harold Northcott told the Gazette the town has been advertising to fill his position. “When the job came up at the county, it was a chain of events, the CAO retired (Tony Martens), they appointed Jeff (Holmes), who was the assistant, to be the new CAO and that opened up Jeff’s position,” said Northcott. “I figured that was what would happen. It’s a real loss to the community. Christofer has been here for about five years and he’s done a really good job.

“He’s really been very professional about his job and been a real treat to work with. I’ve really enjoyed working with him.”

Northcott said that it’s a tough loss for the town but it’s a great move for Atchison.

“For him – I say good luck with your new job and enjoy it,” he said. “It sets him up really well. I think it’s a real win for his family.”

The Gazette spoke to Atchison who said he was sad to leave the town but excited to go to work for the county.

“The posting came up and it was definitely of interest to me,” said Atchison. “Mountain View County has definitely been an organization that I’ve wanted to look seriously into.

“My last day here is January 12 and I start with the county on January 15 in the position of director of legislative, agriculture and community services.”

Atchison said he has really enjoyed working for the Town of Didsbury.

“It’s been a great organization for me and done a lot for my personal and professional growth,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of people along the way who have contributed to that success, for sure.

“We’ll definitely try to keep up those relationships in my new role over at Mountain View County. I’m definitely excited about the opportunity and just thankful for everything the Town of Didsbury has done for me.”

Atchison came to Didsbury from Forestburg, where he was the assistant CAO for the village.

Mountain View County’s policies and priorities committee was told of Atchison’s move on Jan. 3.

“Mountain View County has definitely been an organization that I’ve wanted to look seriously into.”


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